Not Evil Just Wrong

Blog / August 18, 2008

Check out the preview for this new flick aimed at showing the harms of extreme environmentalism.

They have a website you can visit here.

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Are They Mad!? Have today’s conservatives lost touch on foreign policy?

Blog / August 11, 2008


Are they Mad!?
Have today’s conservatives lost touch on foreign policy?
by: Tony McDonald
Vice Chairman
Young Conservatives of Texas
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Traveling home today I had the radio tuned to the Mark Levin show. (My radio dial rarely deviates from XM’s ‘America Right’ channel – go figure.) Levin puts on what would be considered a pretty edgy, conservative talk show. Of course, the topic of the day was Putin, Russia, and the invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.
Call after call I listened to armchair saber-rattler Levin banter back and forth with his equally war-hungry callers on the various ways the United States should come to Georgia’s aide. Levin favored shipping arms to the Georgians – various callers suggested more drastic measures such as a “Berlin Air-lift” type event. (I’m not sure what the caller wanted us to air-lift in — maybe cheap Chinese stuff that Walmart can’t get rid of.) 
The same question reentered my mind after each tirade: “Are these people Mad!?”
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YCT Takes the Spotlight

Blog / August 6, 2008

Congrats to Young Conservatives of Texas at UT Austin member Brianna Becker for being this month’s student spotlight with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

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YCT Alum and Friends Pen Obama Book

Blog / July 30, 2008

YCT Alumni Brendan Steinhauser and some friends of the organization, Steve Bierfeldt and Francisco Gonzalez joined forces to pen a new book called Who is the REAL Barack Obama.

You can order it here.

From their website:

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Texas High School Named After Fallen Marine

Press Releases / July 18, 2008

The Young Conservatives of Texas would like to commend the Leander, Texas Independent School District for naming a local high school after a brave hometown fallen marine, Lieutenant Matthew Vandegrift.

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