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William Dominguez
State Chair
William Charles Dominguez serves as the State Chair of Young Conservatives of Texas. William hails from the small town of Kaufman, Texas and studied Accounting at Texas Tech University. He joined the Texas Tech YCT Chapter in 2012 where he began his YCT journey. He has experience as a YCT Member, Chapter Chairman, and State Board member. William has assisted in the preparation of the YCT 84th and 83rd Legislative Ratings and several YCT Conventions.

When William is not on the job he enjoys absorbing all things college football, playing tennis with his family, visiting new places with his wife, delighting in exotic cigars, and crafting bourbon based cocktails.
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Manfred Wendt
Executive Director
Manfred Wendt is the Executive Director of the Young Conservatives of Texas. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas until attending Trinity University from 2015-2018. He graduated from Trinity University with a degree in political science. During his time at Trinity, he revived the conservative movement on his campus. What started as three kids in a dorm room has grown into a vibrant YCT chapter that helped elect Congressman Chip Roy.

Manfred got his start in politics when he began interning for Ben Carson’s Super Pac during the finals of his senior year of high school. After interning, he started what would become the Young Conservatives of Texas at Trinity University. During his tenure, YCT at Trinity brought Ryan Anderson and Dinesh D’Souza to speak.

During the summer of 2017, Manfred interned at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) for the Center for Effective Justice. At TPPF, he met the future congressman Chip Roy. When Congressman Roy announced, Manfred led the efforts of Trinity YCT to get Chip Roy elected to congress. After the primary, Manfred was brought on full time to the Chip Roy campaign where he served as a Field Manager and the volunteer coordinator for the campaign. In each of the pivotal elections, YCT at Trinity knocked the margin of difference. After the election of Chip Roy, Manfred became the Executive Director for the Young Conservatives of Texas.

In his free time, Manfred likes to watch football, play lacrosse, read books, and retweet Chip Roy. His favorite authors include Russell Kirk, Edmund Burke, Bill Buckley, and Rod Dreher.
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Ashley Vaughan
Senior Vice Chair
Ashley Vaughan is a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where she studied Government and Religious Studies. As she prepares to attend Harvard Law in the fall, she is currently the office manager at the Law Offices of Tony McDonald.

Her involvement in the Conservative Movement began her first year of college when she joined YCT-UT. Throughout her time at the UT chapter, she held the positions of Membership Director, Vice Chairman, and Chairman. She has also been involved with Young America’s Foundation, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and the Heritage Foundation’s Young Leaders Program.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys long runs, cooking for friends, and volunteering at her local Pregnancy Resource Center.
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Nick Ciggelakis
Junior Vice Chair
Nick Ciggelakis is a junior Political Science and History major at Texas A&M. In 2016, Nick became the youngest person in Texas history to ever serve as a member of the electoral college. At Texas A&M, Nick has worked on encouraging students to be civically informed and able to participate in grassroots activities in Brazos County. In his spare time, Nick enjoys reading, writing and photography.
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Nick Davis
State Secretary
A native of Texas, Mr. Nicholas Davis is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Texas Wesleyan University. Mr. Davis has received various awards and honors, the pinnacle of these being awarded the Hatton Sumners Scholarship in the Spring of 2017. Mr. Davis aspires to promote civic duty through constituent service to the campus and Greater Fort Worth community. Besides his community service, Mr. Davis is also an active student on campus participating in various interscholastic Texas Wesleyan teams and on-campus organizations such as Student Veterans Organization and Model United Nations. He founded the Texas Wesleyan University chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas and currently serves on the state board as the State Secretary.
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Skyler Wachsmann
Chapter Maintenance Director
Skyler is a personal financial planning major and political science minor at Texas Tech University. After graduating, he hopes to become a Certified Financial Planner and improve financial literacy among young people. Born and raised in Waco, Texas, he is a big fan of Texas country music, especially Willie Nelson. Inspired by Rand Paul's 2016 presidential campaign, he has become passionate about spreading the message of liberty at Texas Tech and in West Texas. Since 2017, he has taken an active role as an officer in YCT and wants to strengthen the chapter as its chairman.
Stefan Fitting
Training Development Coordinator
Stefan Fitting has been a proud Wacoan his entire life, and now presides over the Baylor Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas. He is a University Scholar major, with concentrations in Political Science, History, and Japanese. An active member of YCT since 2016, he began his chairmanship in 2018. His hopes for Baylor YCT include fighting for the rights of the unborn and reminding Baylor of its Christian commitment. Stefan enjoys disc golfing, gaming, and talking about politics.
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Julia Westwick
Formal Content Creator
Julia is a senior at Trinity University majoring in Economics and Public Policy. She is excited to be working on communications for YCT, an organization to which she had dedicated her past three years. Her junior year she served as Chairman of Trinity’s YCT chapter. Passionate about increasing choice and efficiency in education, she plans to pursue a career in education reform policy. She has interned working on school finance with both the Texas Public Policy Foundation and the Reason Foundation. Additionally, she has been an active volunteer for the Chip Roy for Congress campaign and loves being involved in local and state politics. As a young teenager, she moved from Alaska to Texas and has come to love Texas for its culture which values freedom, enterprise, and personal virtue. When she’s not working for YCT, she enjoys singing and reading political philosophy.
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Sebastian Quaid
Alumni Director
Sebastian Quaid is a Texas State University fifth year senior, as is tradition. Mr. Quaid is a Political Science major with a minor in Journalism and intends to attend law school in the fall of 2020. Growing up with a high-ranking military officer as a father, he is no stranger to politics and the “behind the scenes” of the political world. His first major political action was running a student election for the 2008 elections in his elementary school. He currently devotes all of his working time between his academics and the Young Conservatives of Texas. After law school, he hopes to work as a lawyer for a few years before running for an office. In his free time, Sebastian is a member of various other organizations from religious to social and enjoys spending time with his family and friends at the river or around town. Sebastian never stops moving and has an insatiable hunger for what’s next.
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Harold "Tripp" Holdridge
Alumni Director
Harold "Tripp" Holdridge III joined YCT-Texas State in 2016 and was the chapter chairman from 2018-2019 before graduating in 2019. After graduating he went to intern for Congressman Chip Roy then work as the Field Director for Boatman for Congress. He enjoys golf, theology, and mixology. As alumni director he looks forward to meeting and working with YCT members from days past to learn more about how the organization worked back in the day.
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Nate Dunning
Junior IT Supervisor
Nate Dunning is a student at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. He joined YCT to help increase the conservative values among the people in the UMHB community. Nate Is a leader of multiple organizations in his UMHB community with ranging topics such as politics, religion, and finance. His goal in YCT is to be able to serve his community and change people's minds on campus.
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Alec Wallace
Legislative and Policy Director
Alec is the Legislative and Policy Director of Young Conservatives of Texas. He became involved with YCT at Texas Tech where he also served as its chapter chairman from 2016 to 2017. At the end of his tenure as chairman, Alec then became the chairman of the Crosby County Republican Party from 2017 to 2018. After graduating from Texas Tech, with a degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics, Alec went on to become an Administrative Assistant to Representative Briscoe Cain during the 86th legislative session.

Alec now lives in Waxahachie, Texas with his wife, Faith, and daughter, Hannah, where he enjoys partaking in church activities, reading, and going on walks with his wife and daughter.
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Jake Neidert
Graphic Designer
I was born and raised in Denison Texas, just north of Dallas. My conservative beliefs have been most influenced by my belief in the Bible and my upbringing in the church. I am currently a junior at Baylor University studying Religion with minors in History and Political Science and plan on attending a Southern Baptist Seminary to prepare myself for ministry. YCT has given me a voice on campus to spread and educate people on the conservative message while facilitating friendship and fellowship with other like-minded conservatives.
Jonah Wendt
Communication Director