Kino Flores’ (D-Palmview) Ranch Hand Wanted for Gruesome Murder

Blog / September 2, 2008

Did I mention he might be an illegal immigrant?  Another report out of McAllen

McALLEN — A ranch worker hired by a Texas lawmaker is a suspected illegal immigrant now wanted in the fatal beating of a young Hispanic man, authorities said Monday.

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20% of School Districts Ask for Tax Hike

Blog / August 28, 2008

Well, it seems as though school districts are subscribing to the old idea that if the current system isn’t working just throw some money at it, that’ll solve the problem!

Not so fast. Check these stats out:

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Truth in Reporting: School Tax Increases

Blog / August 28, 2008

 By Tony McDonald

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Sometimes I wish the news would report the real truth — so I edited this article on Texas tax increases to give you a glimpse at the truth in this matter.
More school districts ask voters to raise tax rates
A growing number of Texas school districts are asking voters to agree to tax rate increases this year to cover ^their big-fat administrative budgets, using excuses such as  employee raises, greater fuel costs and rising utility bills.
School boards in Austin and Corpus Christi made the decision this week ^when they got the job  to seek property tax hikes. In the Houston area, the Alief, Humble and North Forest boards are considering following suit.
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YCT on the Radio AND the Blogs this Week

Blog / August 26, 2008

School is starting up and so begins another semester of YCT in the news!

I’ll be doing some radio this week.

The Stephen Dinkel Program – I will be on hand for commentary this afternoon at 5pm (Texas time, of course) to discuss guns.  Pretty fabulous isn’t it?  I hope you’ll tune in and check out the chat room.  Or call in, too.

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YCT Alum Congressman Jeb Hensarling Campaigns for Energy Vote

Blog / August 24, 2008

Hat tip to the Freedom Talks Blog that posted this great news clip of YCT alumni Congressman Jeb Hensarling in his district collecting signatures to urge a vote on energy.

Check out the video here.


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