French Fashion Show Tops Spring Branch ISD’s Wasteful Spending

Blog / July 10, 2008


Conservatives in Texas often talk about how wasteful our government school system can be, yet we rarely find a gem as perfectly flawed as two stories that appeared recently in the Houston Chronicle. On May 1, the Chronicle breathlessly reported “Spring Branch ISD facing insolvency” – you can almost hear the exclamation points. A month and a half later, the paper glowingly reported “Spring Branch ISD; Free summer camp focused on France.” A free French summer camp, while facing insolvency?

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La Raza, The Race, Racism….

Blog / July 9, 2008

Hopefully you remember last summer I broke this story on my personal blog when I did a little phone interview with the National Council on La Raza.

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Happy Independence Day!

Blog / July 4, 2008

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

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Defending the American Dream Summit in Texas

Blog / June 29, 2008

Americans for Prosperity is hosting their Defending the American Dream Summit–Texas Style and they’ve got an impressive list of speakers including:

Michael Steele,
Former Maryland Lt. Governor

Michelle Malkin ,
Author and Blogger

Robert Novak,
Syndicated Columnist

The Hon. Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Former Congressman
and Free Market Activist

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DC Gun Ban Lifted!

Blog / June 26, 2008

Another victory for liberty.

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