Young Conservatives of Texas Oppose Statewide Smoking Ban

Press Releases / April 21, 2009

Release Policy Brief Against Smoking Ban: HB 5 and SB 544

(Austin, TX) The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) announce their opposition to the proposed statewide smoking ban in Texas, which has been introduced through HB 5 and SB 544. YCT is the largest, nonpartisan and most active youth conservative group in the state, with nearly a three-decade history of activism.

“A statewide smoking ban is an attack on property rights, small businesses and liberty,” said Laura Elizabeth Morales, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “Allowing HB 5 and SB 544 to pass would strip property owners of their right to decide how best to conduct their business.”

YCT strongly supports the rights of property owners and small businesses and oppose legislation that would undermine their discretion to conduct businesses across the Lone Star State, such as the proposed statewide smoking ban.

“Businesses can ultimately make the decision to ban smoking if they see it fit for their place of business. The beauty of a free-market system is that owners have the ability to make decisions just like this one,” explained Tony McDonald, YCT Vice Chairman of Legislative Affairs.

When a smoking ban is enacted, rights of property owners and patrons are sacrificed. Despite any possible good intentions Texas lawmakers may have in proposing HB 5 and SB 544 a statewide ban on smoking is simply incompatible with the state’s limited government and friendly approach to business.

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