Young Conservatives of Texas Endorse Jennifer Fleck for HD-47

May 20, 2020

Manfred Wendt
Executive Director
Young Conservatives of Texas

[email protected]

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fort Worth, TX — Today, the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is proud to endorse Jennifer Fleck in the 2020 Republican primary runoff election for House District 47. Fleck has been an advocate of parental rights for almost 20 years and, for the last 8, has been a fierce fighter for protecting children from attempts to implement an overzealous, lewd and unhealthy sex education program by the public school system. YCT is excited to endorse a candidate with a strong record of fighting for Texas family values. 

“I would like to encourage all conservatives in House District 47 to cast their votes for Jennifer Fleck in the July 14th runoff. She will be a strong fighter for our conservative family values. I look forward to seeing her continue the fight for those values in Austin. While many have turned their backs on our culture and surrendered  the public square to the progressive left and cultural marxists, Fleck has stood tall and been an outstanding leader in fighting for our longstanding conservative values in the midst of our ever declining culture.” – Manfred Wendt

In the primary election, Fleck received 32 percent of the vote and Justin Berry, her opponent in the runoff, received 23 percent. The runoff election between Fleck and Berry is on July 14. Early voting begins June 29th.