Young Conservatives of Texas Denounce Mark McCaig

Press Releases / May 8, 2012


May 8, 2012

Contact: Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman
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Austin, TX—Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) today denounced the activities of former YCT member Mark McCaig and demanded that he stop using the organization’s name to attack conservative candidates. McCaig, who recently joined the personal injury law firm of ultra-liberal Democrat super funder Steve Mostyn, has launched a deceptively named–PAC called Conservative Voters of Texas and is using the PAC and his credentials as a former member of YCT to attack conservative members of the Legislature.

“Mark McCaig has sold his conservative credentials to the highest bidder—in this case liberal Democrat Steve Mostyn,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “No true conservative would work for the man who spent $10 million last election cycle working to defeat conservative candidates across Texas and who has hosted fundraisers with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi in his own home. We are outraged by McCaig’s deception and his continued use of his past membership in YCT membership to bolster his attacks on conservative legislators. We will make sure that conservative voters are informed of his efforts to deceive them.”

Mostyn, the past President of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, spent millions against Gov. Rick Perry in the last election cycle and has donated a million dollars to Harris County Democrats. Mostyn is also the largest funder of Texans for Insurance Reform, a trial lawyer front group that opposes conservative candidates.

“Mark McCaig may claim to be a conservative and may have once been a YCT member years ago, but his conservative credentials dissolved the minute he sold out to his new boss,” said Tony McDonald, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “Conservative voters should not be fooled by his rhetoric about ‘conservative principles.’ He is, and always has been, only concerned with reversing the conservative lawsuit reforms passed by Republicans over the last decade.”

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