Young Conservatives of Kansas Launches – Modeled After YCT

Blog / September 16, 2008

From the Daily Kansan:

It’s not the easiest gig at a university considered one of the most liberal in the Midwest. Still, last Thursday, members of Young Conservatives of KU stood a hundred yards east of Wescoe Beach, trying to interest passers-by in joining their ranks. Young men handed out American flag lapel ribbons and urged people to remember the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

One of YCT at UTSA’s first events was a 9/11 Memorial, so this chapter is off to a great start.

“Right now, the conservative voice is just a whisper on campus,” Hutsey said. “We just want the liberals to know that we’re going to raise our voice. They can have demonstrations and rallies, and so can we. It’ll take time, obviously, but we’ll have small successes and just build on those.”

Hutsey said the Young Conservatives differed from groups like the College Republicans because party affiliation mattered less than shared ideals.

“I think a lot of people feel intimidated by political parties,” Hutsey said. “We’re trying to reach out to everyone. There are sleeper cells of conservatives on campus. They’re out there — you just don’t know where they are.”

And important to note…

Hutsey said that the charter of the Young Conservatives at KU was based on the Young Conservatives of Texas, which has chapters at seven universities in Texas. Hutsey’s “statement of principles” that were handed out Thursday is identical to that of the YCT and includes points common to many conservative declarations, including the importance of individual, economic and political freedoms, and the maintenance of a strong military.

David White, state chairman of the YCT, said that while he was unaware of Hutsey’s actions to emulate his organization, he was delighted to see like-minded individuals establishing a foothold at the University.

“We’re humbled and think it’s wonderful that other groups are following our model,” White said.

White said that college students at campuses as far away as New Zealand had sought the YCT’s help to establish conservative groups.

Jack, if you need a helping hand, let us know!  Good luck!