YCT’s Response to Lloyd Doggett’s Town Hall on Saturday

Press Releases / August 24, 2009

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August 27, 2009

Contact: Dustin Matocha, YCT-UT Chapter Chairman
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Moveon.org Hypocrisy on Display as the Liberal Attack Group Organizes Health Care Event with Representative Lloyd Doggett at Local Austin Church

Austin – This Saturday at 3:00pm, Representative Lloyd Doggett will be speaking at a health care reform rally organized by liberal attack group Moveon.org at the First United Methodist Church in Austin. The venue as well as Moveon.org’s involvement has the Young Conservatives of Texas at UT-Austin fired up and wondering if the liberal double standard will be brought to light.

YCT-UT Chapter Chairman Dustin Matocha notes that “the grassroots Town Hall protests taking place all over the country have been characterized by Democratic politicians, left-wing groups, and some media talking heads as ‘a sham…. organized by special interest groups and insurance companies,’ ‘phony,” and even ‘un-American,’ yet the truth is quite the opposite.”

Specifically, Moveon.org ally Speaker Nancy Pelosi has characterized the grassroots health care protests across the nation as nothing more than “Astroturf.” However, it seems the real Astroturf is being seen from the left as liberal groups have been actively organizing various health care reform events similar to the one taking place in Austin on Saturday.

Not only are liberal groups now staging health care rallies, but Moveon.org has chosen a church as its venue for this particular political event.

“We don’t blame the church, we blame liberal organizations like Moveon.org who routinely go out of their way to blast churches for being what they consider too political, yet they choose a church as a venue for their political rally in favor of ObamaCare,” says Matocha. “The hypocrisy is just blaring.”

Matocha says the Austin media can expect YCT members to be out in full force at the event on Saturday armed with counter-protest signs and video cameras.

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