YCT’s 88th Legislative Session Ratings

October 10, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of our 88th Legislative Session Ratings, reflecting our commitment to recognizing and celebrating outstanding conservative leadership in the Texas Legislature.

Highlights of the Ratings – House:

5 Most Conservative Representatives:
Steve Toth (R) – YCT Score: 99
Richard Hayes (R) – YCT Score: 98
Brian Harrison (R) – YCT Score: 97
Tony Tinderholt (R) – YCT Score: 96
Carrie Isaac (R) – YCT Score: 96

5 Least Conservative Representatives:
Toni Rose (D) – YCT Score: 10
Jolanda Jones (D) – YCT Score: 10
Mihaela Plesa (D) – YCT Score: 11
Erin Zwiener (D) – YCT Score: 13
Venton Jones (D) – YCT Score: 13

5 Least Conservative Republicans:
Charlie Geren (R) – YCT Score: 51
Ken King (R) – YCT Score: 51
Drew Darby (R) – YCT Score: 54
Hugh Shine (R) – YCT Score: 55
Todd Hunter (R) – YCT Score: 56

5 Most Conservative Democrats:
Richard Raymond (D) – YCT Score: 44
Harold Dutton (D) – YCT Score: 43
Sergio Muñoz (D) – YCT Score: 39
Tracy King (D) – YCT Score: 36
Eddie Morales (D) – YCT Score: 36

House Average: 50.7

Highlights of the Ratings – Senate:

5 Most Conservative Senators:
Bryan Hughes (R) – YCT Score: 93
Bob Hall (R) – YCT Score: 92
Mayes Middleton (R) – YCT Score: 88
Drew Springer (R) – YCT Score: 82
Lois Kolkhorst (R) – YCT Score: 78

5 Least Conservative Senators:
Sarah Eckhardt (D) – YCT Score: 16
Nathan Johnson (D) – YCT Score: 22
José Menéndez (D) – YCT Score: 23
Borris Miles (D) – YCT Score: 25
Judith Zaffirini (D) – YCT Score: 25

5 Least Conservative Republicans:
Robert Nichols (R) – YCT Score: 67
Joan Huffman (R) – YCT Score: 72
Brian Birdwell (R) – YCT Score: 72
Pete Flores (R) – YCT Score: 72
Donna Campbell (R) – YCT Score: 73

5 Most Conservative Democrats:
Juan Hinojosa (D) – YCT Score: 38
Morgan LaMantia (D) – YCT Score: 30
César Blanco (D) – YCT Score: 30
John Whitmire (D) – YCT Score: 28
Carol Alvarado (D) – YCT Score: 27

Senate Average: 57.6

This historic session saw numerous opportunities for our elected officials to stand firm in support of conservative principles. Our ratings highlight the dedication of these individuals in upholding the values we hold dear.

“In a time when campaign rhetoric often tells us very little and many lawmakers seem to shirk from transparency, we take pride in informing the public of their representative’s and senator’s positions on crucial issues. Our 88th Legislative Ratings were developed by selecting votes on bills that affirmed or conflicted with our conservative principles and policy prescriptions as specified in our 88th Legislative Agenda which was released before the session began. The 88th Legislature saw significant conservative victories on issues, particularly on prohibiting DEI programs in universities and protecting children from the radical LGBTQ agenda, many bills passed into law that eroded the conservative principle of limited government.” – Kevin Crusius, Vice Chairman of Political Affairs

“For over 40 years, YCT’s ratings have served as a compass for the conservative movement in Texas. We evaluate legislators based on their dedication to fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and constitutional governance. Our goal is to empower the public with valuable insights, enabling them to actively engage with their representatives and advocate for policies that uphold the principles Texans hold dear.” – Nate Dunning, State Chairman

For an in-depth review of the ratings, including both the House and Senate, we invite you to read the exclusive article by the Dallas Express. The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the performance of our representatives during this critical legislative session.

Additionally, you can explore the full ratings and details on our website. Stay informed about how our representatives are standing up for conservative values.

Thank you for your continuous support in upholding conservative values and principles.

Also, our updated endorsement request form for the 2024 election cycle is available on our website now.

Best regards,

Kevin Crusius
Vice Chairman of Political Affairs
Young Conservatives of Texas

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