YCTPAC: Paddie’s Lobbyist Friends in Austin Unleash the Attack Dogs

Press Releases / May 9, 2012


May 9, 2012

Contact: Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman
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Austin, TX—Young Conservatives of Texas PAC (YCT-PAC) is once again disappointed with the dirty politics challenger Chris Paddie is playing in East Texas’ House District 9 (HD9).

Chris Paddie, who has already held two lobbyist fundraisers in Austin, has enlisted the help of the Austin establishment in his attempt to unseat conservative champion Rep. Wayne Christian in HD9. On Paddie’s last report nearly 60% of his money came from Austin lobbyists, insiders, and PACs.

Chris Paddie is now upping the ante. Texas Association of Realtors (TAR) has given Paddie tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to defeat friendly incumbent, property rights defender, and small business advocate Rep. Wayne Christian. TAR has created a deceptively-named PAC, “Texans for Responsible Government,” solely for the purpose of coming after Wayne Christian. The PAC has already begun running television ads and has launched an “attack” website to malign Christian in the closing weeks of the primary.

“It’s obvious that Chris Paddie is already bought and paid for by special interests down in Austin,” said Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman of YCT. “The fact that TAR has given him tens of thousands of dollars and is now hiding behind a PAC to attack Wayne Christian is proof positive that larger elements are at play here. TAR’s PAC is acting in a classic D.C. style manner—distorting facts, taking quotes out of context, and attempting to lead voters to believe that a proven conservative like Rep. Christian is suspect.”

In their television ads and on their “attack” website, TAR’s PAC distorts Christian’s record, calling into question his conservative credentials and painting him as soft on crime. However, Wayne Christian carries a 94% career conservative rating with YCT and was the recipient of YCT’s “Torch of Freedom” Lifetime Achievement Award. Christian also enjoys an “A” rating with the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and is recognized as a “Champion for Free Enterprise” by the Texas Association of Business.

In their recent endorsement of Christian, the Texas Municipal Police Association said, “As a member of the powerful House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, he has been a strong voice for law enforcement, a staunch defender of the Constitution and as tough as nails on crime.” Amidst a sea of contrary evidence, TAR’s PAC attempts to distort reality and fool voters, and Chris Paddie is playing along for his own selfish benefit.

“Paddie has had plenty of opportunities to call off the dogs and run on his record,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “The problem is that he doesn’t have a conservative record to run on, and when he can’t change who he is, Paddie has to try to bring his opponent down through attacks and deception. Chris Paddie lacks the integrity voters demand from their public officials.”

YCT has created a response to the PAC’s television attack ad. It can be viewed below:


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