YCT Weighs in on November 2017 Elections

October 26, 2017
Before you head to the ballot box, we wanted to make you aware of the 7 proposed amendments to the Texas constitution and the City of Houston, Dallas and Austin’s propositions. It is crucial that you do further research about the upcoming election and to be very careful with how your city uses your taxes!

Proposition 1
This would authorize property tax exemptions for certain partial disabled veterans and/or their surviving spouses whose homes were donated to them by charity for less than market value.  YCT supports this proposition since this is just a clean-up bill for an amendment that was passed 6 years ago.

Proposition 2
This eases restrictions on how much Texans can borrow through home equity loans. Additionally, it lowers the maximum fees that can be charged in connection with home equity loans. YCT supports this proposition because it lessens government interference with the free market.

Proposition 3
If not replaced, governor appointees stay in their position even after their term has ended. This proposition would eliminate the holdover period by allowing them to serve only until the next legislative session has ended if not replaced before then. YCT supports this proposition because it will not allow appointed office holders to stay in their position for longer than they are supposed to. Hopefully, this will help the governor make wise decisions with appointments.

Proposition 4
This requires courts to notify the Texas Attorney General’s office of any constitutional challenges to state laws in a case. YCT supports this because encourages the AG’s office to be better informed of current state law and how to defend it.

Proposition 5
YCT is a big advocate against gambling, therefore we oppose this proposition because it expands the definition of “professional sports teams,” giving more organizations the ability to conduct “charitable raffles.”

Proposition 6
This would allow the Texas Legislature to provide a property tax exemption to the surviving spouses of a first responder who was killed or fatally injured in the line of duty.

Proposition 7
This would allow financial institutions (banks, credit unions, etc.) to conduct promotional activities to encourage savings. There are two sides to this amendment. YCT supports encouraging citizens to save, but this is allowing only one industry to have non-charitable raffles (which isn’t allowed in Texas).

City of Houston voters get to vote on 6 propositions. The projects include: $1 billion in bonds to cover pension shortfalls for county workers, public safety improvements, park and recreational facilities upgrades, updating health clinics and Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department and public library improvements.

City of Dallas voters get to vote on 10 propositions, totaling tax payers $1.425 billion with interest. The projects include: street and transportation improvements, funding parks, trails and the Aquatics Master Plan, the rehabilitation of Fair Park facilities, flood protection and storm drainage throughout the city, updating existing and building new libraries, update existing performing arts facilities, building new and updating existing police and fire stations, updating Dallas City Hall and Administrative facilities, commercial corridor revitalization, transit-oriented development, mixed-income housing and neighborhood revitalization,  permanent and transitional housing projects.

City of Austin/Travis County voters get to vote on 3 main propositions. Travis County’s consist of 2 propositions, totaling $184.9 million between transportation improvements and various park and conservation plans. In addition, Austin Independent School District is asking for $1 billion in facility improvement, new schools and other amenities.

Early voting ends November 3 and Election Day is November 7, so we encourage everyone to getw out and vote!

Please be on the lookout for our 85th Legislative Ratings. We are set to release them in the next week. To review our ratings from last session, please visit our website, yct.org/ratings.