YCT-Texas Tech Holds Petition Against ‘Tornado of Ideas’ Statue

Blog / April 28, 2010

The Texas Tech chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas is holding a petition against the erection of a statue on the campus of Texas Tech University depicting books about Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, and outrageous images that are being passed off as “art.” The statue fails to represent the values of this country and the principles and ideals of Texas Tech University.

The Texas Tech chapter of YCT takes the position that the statue should be replaced with a statue of American hero, Colonel Richard Douglas Husband who lost his life during a research mission on the space shuttle Columbia when the craft disintegrated upon re-entering the atmosphere. Husband was also a member of the alumni of Texas Tech University, and is a recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

On Thursday there will be a protest held on university grounds to raise campus wide awareness of this abhorrent and disrespectful work of “art” that the university spent $142,000 on.

“The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas Tech will be protesting a "Tornado" of disgrace our University proudly displays in between the SUB and the Library. We are working to draw attention to the controversy involved in this statue, and the tuition and tax dollars that were spent on it.,” Jeff Morris, Chairman of the Texas Tech chapter of YCT said.  “In addition, we will also be pointing out to students that our University that so badly wants to become a research institution would rather display a piece of liberal propaganda than a statue of Tech Alumni Colonel Rick Husband. Col. Husband was killed on a research mission for his country when the space shuttle Columbia broke up over east Texas in 2003.”

Students at Texas Tech are invited to come out and join YCT Thursday if they want to help, or even if they just want to learn more. YCT wants to make students aware of the controversy surrounding the statue, and inform students of the tuition and tax dollars that were wasted on it. Students are also encouraged to show their support by  joining the Facebook page.