YCT Partners with Unify America

January 15, 2021

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For those of us who are angry and upset about what is happening in Washington and around the country, here’s a way to actually do something for national unity. Sign up to take the Unify Challenge and replace politics with actual problem-solving.  Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is partnering with the folks at Unify America and encouraging all members, alumni, and friends of YCT to take the Unify Challenge. Unify America is a nonpartisan grassroots group founded by Harry Nathan Gottlieb, founder of the successful online social gaming program JackBox Games. 
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What is the Unify Challenge, you ask? It’s like the ice bucket challenge but with fewer ice buckets and more patriotic unity. Unify America brings together people with opposite political views into one-on-one video calls. Together, the pair takes a survey about issues Americans face today. And guess what? It’s fascinating. We actually aren’t as divided when we’re having a nuanced conversation … like two real human beings. A picture containing text

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YCT’s Executive Director Manfred Wendt recently took the Unify Challenge. “I had my call with a woman from Michigan, a political liberal. It was a great to feel understood, and to understand my partner’s way of seeing the world in a calm, rational conversation. Once we realized we agreed on the goals, our conversations on how to reach those goals became much more productive.

Americans need to break away from our divided, tribal identities and come together to work for the betterment of our nation; the Unify Challenge is a great way to do that. YCT, let’s do our part to unify America. I invite and strongly encourage everyone to take the Unify Challenge.” – Manfred WendtConsider this your personal invitation to hop on this cool and very important experience. Click to sign up for the Unify Challenge. 
You’ll be glad you did. 

 Special opportunity to win a prize: 
The founder of Unify America, Harry Nathan Gottlieb, also founded Jackbox Games. He’s giving away 1 free Jackbox Party Pack for any YCT leader who gets 5 conservatives to complete the Unify Challenge by January 31st (just have them type in your name in the “Who referred you?” question in the sign-up). For the YCT chapter that gets the most conservatives to complete the Challenge, Harry will pop into your next online game of Jackbox to say hi!