YCT Oppose Barack Obama Freeway Bill (SB 1510)

Blog / April 6, 2009

From a news release:


The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) announced its opposition to SB 1510, Sen. Royce West’s (D-Dallas) "President Barack Obama Freeway" bill. The bill would rename I-20 between Dowdy Ferry Road and Mountain Creek Parkway after President Obama.

SB 1510 was scheduled for a hearing April 6 before the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee.

"We should be naming highways after people who have done things for Texas, not Chicago machine politicians trying to do things to Texas," said Laura Elizabeth Morales, Senior Vice Chairman of YCT.

"Barack Obama supports abortion, higher taxes, big government, the federal deficit, and extreme environmentalism and opposes the Texas oil and gas industry, a strong national defense, energy security, the second amendment and traditional family values. Texas highways should not be named for those who do not represent the values of Texans,” said Ed Oden, Director of Legislative Research.

YCT supports naming freeways after Texas heroes, not liberal big-government types who oppose our state’s values.

While YCT is philosophically opposed to the bill, its leaders recognize that the Texas Senate is an institution built on compromise.

"Perhaps we could consider this bill if the highway reflected Barack Obama’s philosophy of government," said Morales.  “We propose the following stipulations be added to the bill.”

1. A DART train running through the middle of the freeway
2. HOV lanes next to the DART tracks
3. The remaining lanes are congested
4. Tolls are placed on the road that increase with a person’s income
5. The mineral rights under the road are owned by the Sierra Club (i.e. no domestic drilling)
6. SUVs and trucks are banned
7. The tolls include carbon offsets and congestion pricing
8. Checkpoints are set up every three miles to insure tires are properly inflated and cars are getting optimal gas mileage

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