YCT on the Radio AND the Blogs this Week

Blog / August 26, 2008

School is starting up and so begins another semester of YCT in the news!

I’ll be doing some radio this week.

The Stephen Dinkel Program – I will be on hand for commentary this afternoon at 5pm (Texas time, of course) to discuss guns.  Pretty fabulous isn’t it?  I hope you’ll tune in and check out the chat room.  Or call in, too.

I will also be co-hosting the Rio Grande Valley Show in conjunction with Contempo Magazine out of McAllen, Texas.  We’ll discuss "Why Hispanics SHOULD be Conservative"…a topic that hits close to home.  It’s our inaugural show this week!

More radio as they appear.  But for now, it’s onto the blogs:

The Jawa Report ran a profile and promotion for the upcoming radio slot.  If you’re not reading Jawa, you should be.

Meanwhile YCT Alum Brendan Steinhauser, and friends of YCT, Francisco Gonzalez and Steve Bierfeldt appeared on the Stephen Dinkel Program to plug their new book, Who is the REAL Barack Obama?  You can purchase the book here.

And don’t forget to read YCT Alum Michele Samuelson’s blog where she brings to our attention a TAX HIKE (booooo) in Austin:

When my husband and I bought our house, we very purposefully chose one that did not sit in Austin ISD. Granted, property-tax-wise, very few choices are really awesome these days, but we figured Round Rock and Pflugerville were infinitely better options in Travis County than AISD. Seeing the Statesman this morning, I am confident we chose wisely.

Austin ISD is planning to raise the property tax rate, pending voter approval, by 3.9 cents. In other words, the budget is growing, and they believe they can justify asking taxpayers for more money.

Wait, didn’t AISD actually see one of its schools close this last year due to poor performance?