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Blog / February 3, 2009

If you were in the San Antonio area you may have heard.  But here’s the transcript:

Young Conservative Group Lays Out Legislative Agenda

By Jill Christie

It should be legal to carry concealed weapons on Texas public college campuses–at least according to "Young Conservatives of Texas."

Laura Elizabeth Morales is the Senior Vice Chairman of the independent group, made up primarily of college students and the group favors the Texas Legislature changing the state law that prohibits carrying concealed weapons in certain places– Including college campuses.

"If they already have a concealed handgun license and they go through all of the proper checks and guidelines, then they should be able to carry that firearm on campus," she said.

"Young Conservatives of Texas" is calling for the 81st Legislature to take steps to allow students to have their 2nd amendment rights.

The group is also calling on lawmakers to make college tuition affordable.

Morales says since tuition de-regulation, when tuition setting authority was given to governing boards of public colleges and universities, tuition has risen statewide at dramatic rates.

"It’s becoming way to expensive for college students to get a decent education and go to school, so we favor repealing tuition deregulation," she said.

The conservative group been rating every legislative session since the 1980s.

"We track the votes that are going on and we read all the agendas. We keep a close eye on whats going on in the Texas Legislature," she added.

The ratings will be posted after the Legislative session on their website at www.yct.org.