YCT Joins Grassroots Conservatives in Calling for Conservative Leadership in the Texas House

Press Releases / November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

Honorable Members
Texas House of Representatives
Austin, Texas

Dear Honorable Members and Members-Elect,

Tuesday night’s resounding victory by conservatives in Texas and around the nation was not the result of any particular politician or group. It was the result of citizens rising up and making their voices clearly heard and it should be taken for precisely what it is: a mandate for conservative policy leadership.

The victory of nearly two dozen new conservative Republican legislators reflects the mood of Texas voters on the state’s critical issues. It was a clarion call for conservative leadership in the Texas House – leadership that has been absent the past two years. This desire for conservative leadership must be reflected from the Office of the Speaker to every committee chairmanship.

A change to a more conservative Speaker is in order. The voters who labored hard for this conservative majority expect it to diligently represent their conservative values.

Texans voted with the expectation they would see meaningful change for their businesses and families. The same conservative voters who made this near-supermajority possible will be just as engaged in the months ahead, as they have been leading up to Victory Night. These voters will be watching and actively participating.

We urge you take time to ask your constituents – the people who walked your precincts and made calls to their neighbors; the people who voted for you – what kind of person they want serving as the state’s third-ranking constitutional officer, and what kind of committee chairs they expect. It is their right to be involved and engaged in this important decision.

We look forward to working with this reinvigorated conservative majority throughout the coming legislative session!


Michael Quinn Sullivan
President, Empower Texans

Peggy Venable
Americans for Prosperity – Texas Director

Kelly Shackelford, Esq.
President & CEO, Liberty Institute

Tim Lambert
President, Home School Coalition

Elizabeth Graham
Director, Texas Right to Life

Richard Ford
President, Heritage Alliance

Peter Morrison
The Peter Morrison Report

David Barton
President, WallBuilders
Former Vice Chair, Republican Party of Texas

Felicia Craven
Houston Tea Party

Greg Holloway
Board member, Austin Tea Party Patriots

Cathie Adams
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Texas
Texas Eagle Forum, Legislative Liaison

Toby Marie Walker
President, Waco Tea Party

Jason Moore
State Republican Executive Committee

Tony McDonald
Senior Vice Chair, Young Conservatives of Texas

Lou Ann Anderson
Creator, EstateofDenial.com

Lee Barlow
President, Erath 9-12 Project

Tammy Blair
Chair-Tyler Tea Party

Konni Burton
Vice President, NE Tarrant Tea Party

Pat Carlson
President, Texas Eagle Forum

Angela Cox
President, Johnson County Tea Party

Rachel Delgado
President, Galveston County TEA Party

Julie Drenner
The Heartland Institute, Texas Director

Ken Emanuelson
Board Member, Dallas Tea Party

Carol Everett
Founder and CEO, The Heidi Group

Rebecca Forest
Executive Director, Texas Alliance for America Legal Defense & Education Fund

Suzanne Guggenheim
Founder, The Woodlands Tea Party Society
Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC

Jennifer Heiden
President, Katy Tea Party

Ann Hettinger
Texas State Director, Concerned Woman for America

Margaret Hotze
Legislative Director, Life Advocates

James V. Long
Vice President, McKinney Tea Party

Maria G. Martinez
Exec. Dir., Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas

Sharon Hall
Supporter, San Antonio Tea Party

Donna McClure
Corpus Christi Tea Party/ 9-12 Project

Jodi Maner
President, Amarillo Tea Party Patriots

Lorie Medina
Co-Leader, Frisco Tea Party

Charles Molyneaux
Board Member, Allen Area Patriots

Cyndi Ortiz
President of Macdaddy Campaign Network

Rena Peden
State Republican Executive Committee

Katrina Pierson
Dallas Tea Party

Russell J. Ramsland, Jr.
Leader – Dallas Tea Party

Jonathan Saenz, Esq.
Director of Legislative Affairs, Liberty Institute

Rick Scarborough
President, Vision America Action

Michael Smith
Executive VP, Heritage Alliance

Dave Welch
Executive Director, Texas Pastor Council

Louise Whiteford
President, Texans for Immigration Reform, Inc

Elizabeth Wooldridge
President, Odessa Tea Party

* organizations listed for description.

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