YCT Endorses Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett

Press Releases / November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Contact: Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman
Mobile: (512) 923-6893
Email: [email protected]

Austin, TX — Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) announced today their endorsement of Justice Don Willett for reelection to the Texas Supreme Court.

“Justice Willett is universally recognized as the most conservative member of the Texas Supreme Court. We praise his strong judicial leadership in these consequential times. Texas needs Justice Willett’s brilliance and strict-constructionist philosophy on the Court for decades to come,” said Tony McDonald, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “There can be no justification for any self-respecting conservative to challenge Justice Willett for reelection to the Supreme Court.”

Justice Willett is running for reelection to Place 2. Justice Willett was first appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by Governor Rick Perry in 2005 and was elected to his first full term in 2006. Before serving on the Court, he served as Deputy Texas Attorney General and chief legal counsel to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

YCT issues endorsements in Texas’ primary and general elections, taking into account the records of incumbents and interviews with challengers. “YCT has chosen to issue an early endorsement to Justice Willett because of his impeccable conservative record,” said State Chairman Jeff Morris. “Without question, Justice Willett’s reelection is best for Texas, and conservatives across the Lone Star State should support him wholeheartedly. It’s unthinkable that anyone would try to rob Texas of its most conservative Supreme Court Justice.”

“Having YCT’s strong support is a rich honor because I know YCT’s endorsement must be earned — not by words but by a proven conservative record,” responded Justice Willett. “YCT knows that my record of resolute conservatism on the Supreme Court is unswerving. I have never legislated from the bench, and I never will.”

Justice Willett has earned consensus support from every corner of the conservative movement: pro-life, pro-faith, pro-family, pro-liberty, pro-gun rights, pro-law enforcement, pro-private property, and pro-limited government. Justice Willett recently received national notoriety when his conservative philosophy was praised by Pulitzer-winning columnist George Will as providing the judicial roadmap for striking down ObamaCare, and several conservative leaders have referred to Justice Willett as “the judicial antidote to ObamaCare.”

“YCT fights tenaciously for conservative principles — including a high-caliber judiciary committed to liberty and the rule of law,” added Justice Willett. “I’m honored to have them fight for me.”

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