YCT Endorses High Scoring Elected Officials for 2014 Primaries

Press Releases / October 24, 2013


October 24, 2013

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Austin, Texas – Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) today announced their endorsements of 18 members of the Texas Legislature in their upcoming 2014 election campaigns. YCT endorsed these legislators for their consistent high scores on YCT’s legislative ratings, and the promises they kept to their constituents once they arrived in Austin.

Legislator: Rep. Jonathan Stickland
District: 92
YCT Legislative Rating: 97%
Rep. Stickland arrived in Austin for his first Legislative Session in January of 2013 and during his short time at the Texas Capitol, Rep. Stickland earned our “Rookie of the Year” award. He is a fearless champion of conservative principles and is not afraid to buck the establishment.

Legislator: Rep. Matt Krause
District: 93
YCT Legislative Rating: 95%
Rep. Krause was elected to the Texas House during the 2012 Election cycle and has kept his promises to the people of House District 93 ever since. During his time in the 83rd Legislative Session, he authored, co-authored, or co-sponsored some of the most conservative legislation in the state.

Legislator: Rep. Matt Schaefer
District: 6
YCT Legislative Rating: 95%
Rep. Schaefer is a conservative fighter, is not afraid to take on the tough issues, and effectively advocates for conservative policies. After entering the Texas House from the 2012 election cycle, Rep. Schaefer made his conservative voice known in Austin.

Legislator: Rep. Giovanni Capriglione
District: 98
YCT Legislative Rating: 92%
Office Seeking: Seeking re-election
After coming off a fiercely fought primary, Rep. Capriglione sailed into Austin with a mission to reform ethical standards among members of the Legislature. For these efforts and his many other accomplishments in the Texas House, we are proud to support him in his re-election efforts.

Legislator: Rep. Pat Fallon
District: 106
YCT Legislative Rating: 92%
Rep. Fallon earned YCT’s endorsement as the right choice to serve the people of House District 106. He is a conservative fighter, and a relentless advocate for limited government.

Legislator: Rep. Craig Goldman
District: 97
YCT Legislative Rating: 92%
Rep. Goldman earns our endorsement based on his consistent conservative voting record throughout the 83rd Legislative Session. He is a leader in the Texas House and will continue to represent House District 97 with dignity.

Legislator: Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
District: 89
YCT Legislative Rating: 91%
A YCT alumni, Rep. Laubenberg has one of the highest historical scores on our legislative ratings. Not only is she a champion of the grassroots, but she is also a relentless advocate for life and liberty. Her guidance of Texas’ new abortion legislation through the Texas House this session once again proved her ability and willingness to fight for tough causes.

Legislator: Rep. Bill Zedler
District: 96
YCT Legislative Rating: 90%
Rep. Bill Zedler once again has earned our endorsement in his re-election campaign after fighting for conservative values during the legislative session. He has consistently been one of the highest scorers on our legislative ratings.

Legislator: Rep. Scott Turner
District: 33
YCT Legislative Rating: 90%
Rep. Scott Turner left his conservative mark on the Texas House during his first legislative session this year. He has proven that he will stick to his promises and fight the good fight for his constituents in District 33.

Legislator: Rep. David Simpson
District: 7
YCT Legislative Rating: 88%
Rep. David Simpson has yet again proven that he is one of the most principled leaders in the Texas House. He is never afraid to fight for what he thinks is right, often bucking House leadership and members of his own party.

Legislator: Rep. Stephanie Klick
District: 91
YCT Legislative Rating: 88%
Rep. Stephanie Klick closed out her first legislative session this year successfully, earning a top score on our legislative ratings. We look forward to assisting her return to Austin in 2015.

Legislator: Rep. Drew Springer
District: 68
YCT Legislative Rating: 88%
Rep. Springer brought the conservative fight to Austin during the 83rd Legislative Session. From fighting nanny state regulations from municipalities to preserving our Second Amendment rights, Rep. Springer is the right choice for District 68.

Legislator: Rep. Phil King
District: 61
YCT Legislative Rating: 86%
Rep. Phil King is the right choice for the voters of House District 61. Throughout his tenure in the Texas House he has consistently earned a top score in our legislative ratings, and he is a relentless advocate for the grassroots.

Legislator: Sen. Craig Estes
District: 30
YCT Legislative Rating: 86%
According to our conservative ratings, Sen. Estes had his best session yet during the 83rd Legislative Session. His leadership and determination helped see numerous conservative pieces of legislation through the Texas Senate. He is the right choice for Senate District 30.

Legislator: Sen. Donna Campbell
District: 25
YCT Legislative Rating: 81%
After pulling off one of the biggest upsets in Texas electoral history, Sen. Campbell was a breath of fresh air for the people of Senate District 25. Bringing private sector experience as an emergency room physician, coupled with her deep conservative convictions, she played a vital role in keeping Texas strong during the 83rd Legislative Session. She earned our full confidence in her re-election efforts.

“Each of these members of the Texas Legislature is a strong advocate for conservative values,” said YCT State Chairman Jeff Morris. “While they all play different roles in keeping Texas strong, they are united in their convictions and determination to stick to principle. We are thrilled to endorse them.”

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