YCT Announces the Release of 2020 Endorsement Questionnaire for Federal and State Races

Press Releases / January 6, 2020

Manfred Wendt
Executive Director
Young Conservatives of Texas
[email protected]

Monday, January 6th, 2020

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Today, the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is proud to announce the release of its official endorsement questionnaire for the 2020 cycle. Candidates are required to complete the questionnaire to be eligible for an endorsement. However, currently elected officials who received an 85 or above in last session’s ratings will receive automatic endorsements due to their proven defense of liberty. The legislative ratings will be released tomorrow, January 7th.

“With 2020 being a pivotal year for the future of Texas, YCT looks forward to endorsing and supporting stalwart conservatives in races across the state” – Manfred Wendt, Executive Director of YCT.

“YCT plans to diligently review questionnaires and endorse the top conservatives for both the state legislature and Congress. We look forward to supporting strong conservatives up and down the ballot who can win not just in March but in November as well.” – Nick Ciggelakis Policy and Legislative Director for YCT.

YCT has already endorsed Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21) for the 2020 cycle at his re-election launch due to his fearless and courageous conservative leadership on every issue and willingness to stand up – oftentimes alone- against the D.C. swamp and Washington Cartel. 

YCT is proud to stand by its slogan of “principles over party.” YCT supports candidates who align with YCT’s principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, prudent foreign policy, value the Constitution, and the balance of order and liberty regardless of political party. YCT has been issuing endorsements since its founding in 1980 and looks forward to supporting philosophically aligned candidates in the 2020 primary, run-off, and general election. 

The federal questionnaire can be found here

The state level questionnaire can be found here

To request a copy of the questionnaire via email please email the Executive Director of YCT, Manfred Wendt at [email protected]

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Young Conservatives of Texas, a non-partisan conservative youth organization, has been fighting for conservative values going into its fortieth year in the Lone Star State and publishes the most respected ratings of the Texas Legislature.

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