YCT Alum Congressman Jeb Hensarling on Hannity & Colmes RIGHT NOW

Blog / June 17, 2008

He’s discussing the Dodd/Conrad Mortgage Deal.  Senators Conrad and Dodd are currently linked into special mortgage deals right now.

YCT Alum Brendan Steinhauser linked me to this:

All we hear these days is whining from reckless home borrowers and their banks.

But did you know that renters are 32 percent of American households? And that homes in foreclosure are less than 2 percent?

So why is Congress rushing to bailout high-flying borrowers and their lenders with our tax dollars?

Unfortunately, renters aren’t as good at politics as the small minority of homeowners (and their bankers) who are in trouble. We don’t have lobbyists in Washington, DC. We don’t get a tax deduction for our rent and we don’t get sweetheart government loans.

Quite simply, we are just Angry Renters. And now it is our time to be heard: no government bailouts!

Our friends in Washington are definitely at work to solve the mortgage crisis.