YCT Alum and Friends Pen Obama Book

Blog / July 30, 2008

YCT Alumni Brendan Steinhauser and some friends of the organization, Steve Bierfeldt and Francisco Gonzalez joined forces to pen a new book called Who is the REAL Barack Obama.

You can order it here.

From their website:

The candidacy of Barack Obama has energized millions of Americans who have turned out in record numbers to participate in the 2008 presidential primaries. Much of his candidacy’s success has been built upon the support he has among the youth and other new voters. Obama has convinced them that he is the candidate of “change.” This book, written by three young voters, seeks to expose Obama’s background, his inexperience, his far left political agenda, and demonstrate that not all the youth are behind him.

Through their leadership positions in national organizations, Gonzalez, Bierfeldt, and Steinhauser have had frequent contact with youth leaders on college campuses across the country. Through this book, they aim to challenge their peers (and others) to question their attraction to the Obama candidacy and his big government proposals – proposals which do not represent change, but simply the status quo. Real change would put power back in the people’s hands, not more power concentrated in Washington. This is the biggest problem in our political system and Obama doesn’t want to “change” this crisis, he only wants to exacerbate it.

The rising generation today is fortunate enough to stand on the shoulders of the many generations before us that built America. Before this generation becomes responsible for handing over the sacred keys of the White House, we should ask, Who is the Real Barack Obama?

This book arms voters with substantive research that they can use to learn more about where Obama stands on the important economic, national security, and social issues, and expose his background, character, and far left ideology. Whether or not you agree with his policies, after you examine the evidence that this book offers, you will begin to peel away the fiction, fizzle out the hype, and unmask the real Barack Obama.