Spotlight: Young Conservatives of Texas

Blog / September 1, 2010

Campus Reform spotlighted the Young Conservatives of Texas by publishing a promotional piece by YCT’s Director of Media Relations, Shawn M. Griffiths.

Editor’s Note: Shawn M. Griffiths, the author of this post, is the Director of Media Relations for the Young Conservatives of Texas.

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is an independent, non-partisan, conservative grassroots organization, and has been the most active student political organization in Texas for the past thirty years. Founded in 1980, YCT was developed to promote conservative principles not only on the college campus, but also in local and state government.

YCT is involved in the entire spectrum of Texas politics. Members of YCT actively attempt to shape state policy by various means including reaching out to students on campus and the public, campus activism, advocating fiscal and social conservative values, lobbying the state legislature, campaigning for candidates, and rating members of the Texas legislature. YCT has the most respected and longest running ratings system for the state legislature.

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