Socialized Education?

Blog / May 19, 2009

Few people make this connection, but it’s one that doesn’t get enough attention. How many conservatives hate the idea of socialized medicine? Well, the answer (hopefully) is that every true conservative should HATE the idea of government controlled anything, especially health care (remember: when govt. controls your health, they control everything, but I disgress…).


Finally to my point – education has been socialized. Most people seem to get that K-12 education is socialized, even if they don’t say it in those terms. However, no one seems to get that higher education is socialized. What is just as bad, if not worse, as socialized medicince? Socialized education!


Yes, students pay tuition. Great. But did you know that over 10% of the state’s budget goes directly to fund higher education? That’s a lot of billions, and it doesn’t even include the money given to the states by the feds. 


That’s your (you being the taxpayer) money going to fund the out of control spending habits of universities. Where is the money going? Who knows? Students and parents certainly don’t know. Not even legislators know. Can someone please improve the transparency in higher ed? I don’t think this is too much to ask.