Senator Cornyn Live at the Republican State Convention in Houston, Texas

Blog / June 13, 2008

I am liveblogging right here with the booth with Will Lutz of the Lone Star Report.

We’re about to listen to Senator John Cornyn.  He’s kicking it off by discussing high gas prices and says Congress needs to be part of the solution.  We should be less dependent on countries like Venezuela, he says.

"The problem we primarily have is supply….we’re going to need the oil we can produce here domestically in the near future," he elabortates.

My question to him: "Earmark spending is the cause of these high gas prices, what will you do to fix it?"

Senator Cornyn has voted to impose a moratorium on earmarks. 

"Most of the secret earmarks that get passed by Congress…are pork," said Cornyn, "Yes, I support a moratorium on earmarks…"

Stay tuned for an interview with RR Comission Chairman Michael Williams.