RPT Interviews at the www.rightonline.com Booth

Blog / June 12, 2008

About to get started with some interviews with the Rightonline.com booth. 

The topic right now is the surplus in Texas.

I am currently joined by Rep. Rob Eissler of the Woodlands, Speaker Tom Craddick, and Rep. Myra Crownover.

Rep. Eissler has mentioned public school spending…a big topic to YCT.

A question that came up from Joey Dauben, a blogger: the business tax needs to be repealed.  He asks, "Do you favor a repeal of the business tax?"

Craddick: it’s hard to repeal something before you’re even getting it started, it hasn’t been given a chance

Crownover: lots of misinformation about the business tax, we need an alternative if it is repealed; it is not perfect

Eissler: side effects of the bill, the Legislature will look at how the bill is working out, plenty of opportunities in the next session to ammend it.


-More to come…