YCT Question UT-Dallas President’s Actions

Press Releases / October 23, 2009

In a periodic newsletter sent from the desk of University of Texas at Dallas President Dr. David E. Daniel to students, and a select group of alumni, friends, faculty, and staff, Dr. Daniel praised Proposition 4, and encouraged those who received the newsletter to support the proposed amendment.

Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT), a non-partisan grassroots organization with a student chapter at UT-Dallas, is concerned that Dr. Daniel’s email may be an unethical use of state resources.

YCT Vice Chairman for Legislative Affairs Tony McDonald stated, “Regardless of how an individual feels about Proposition 4, it is a clear violation of state law for a government employee to use government resources to lobby for or against any proposed measure or candidate at any time. We believe Dr. Daniel’s email could fall under that provision and we urge that an investigation be conducted.”

According to Texas Government Code, Section 566.06, state agencies may not use appropriated money to attempt to influence the passage or defeat of a legislative measure. YCT questions the use of state resources in this case, as universities are defined as state agencies under the code.

YCT believes Dr. Daniel not only broke state law, but unethically used government funded resources to lobby in favor of Proposition 4 to UTD students, various members of his own faculty, and UTD alumni.

YCT is a nonpartisan grassroots political organization that has been fighting for conservative values for nearly three decades in the Lone Star State. YCT has chapters at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, Baylor University, Texas State University, the University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas Baptist University, the University of North Texas, Texas Tech University and West Texas A&M University.

Contact: Tony McDonald, Vice Chairman of Legislative Affairs, 512-923-6893