New Advisor with the A&M Chapter

Blog / December 4, 2008

KBTX has the story:

Dr. Emily Sparvero, a sports finance professor in the Department of Health & Kinesiology, will serve as faculty adviser. Sparvero volunteered for the position after the group’s adviser John Fike resigned.


"It is important that proponents of limited government and personal responsibility have a voice on college campuses. I am proud to support YCT in their efforts to promote conservative ideals and contribute to the diverse political dialogue here at Texas A&M," Sparvero said.

"We thank Dr. Fike for helping us get newly reestablished, but YCT is happy to be moving forward with an adviser who understands and best represents our values," said Tony Listi, the YCT chapter chairman. "The Young Conservatives of Texas at A&M will continue to fight for conservative values and oppose liberalism on campus by educating students and the public, participating in campus activism, and advocating conservative public policy."

Fike, an engineering technology professor, was the group’s faculty adviser until fliers were posted identifying four professors linked to William Ayers.

The fliers quoted Ayers as saying he doesn’t regret setting bombs. They included photos of the four Texas A&M professors with the words, "Would you support a man with these views?"

Young Conservatives of Texas released this information about the group:

Young Conservatives of Texas is a non-partisan conservative youth organization, that has been fighting for conservative values for more than a quarter century in the Lone Star State and publishes the most respected ratings of the Texas Legislature. YCT currently has chapters at Texas A&M, Baylor University, Texas Tech, University of Texas, UT San Antonio, UT Arlington, University of North Texas and Texas State University.

Welcome aboard Dr. Emily Sparvero!