Loud, Proud and Conservative

Blog / September 12, 2008

Check out our profile in this ABC News Campus piece written by Andrew Egan.

Deep in the heart of Texas, amid an ocean of red, is a single blue dot.

By far the most liberal city in a state long considered a conservative bastion, Austin has a history of activism. Thousands showed up to march for civil rights in the 1960s, and thousands marched for immigrant rights in 2006.



At the University of Texas, however, one of the campus’ most active student organizations stands in stark contrast to the liberal scenery.

"You can feel outnumbered," says Clint Chegin, a UT senior and chairman of his school’s chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Founded in 1980, the group advocates for student conservative activism across campuses in Texas. The organization tries to educate students about conservative ideals while battling liberalism at Texas universities. All told, they’re represented at eight schools throughout the state.

"We stand for true conservative principles," says Laura Elizabeth Morales, spokeswoman for the Young Conservatives of Texas. "Less government, more freedom and less taxes."