Liberal Wendy Davis: Brought to you by the Incompetence of Consultant Bryan Eppstein

Press Releases / November 13, 2012


November 13, 2012

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Austin, TX — Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) wishes to bring to your attention a rather absurd situation which is developing in the aftermath of State Senator Wendy Davis’ reelection in Senate District 10. Davis defeated Republican Representative Mark Shelton to earn a second term in the state’s upper chamber.

Since last Tuesday’s election, Shelton general consultant Bryan Eppstein has circulated a memo which we have attached to this email in which he defends his management of the Senate District 10 race, arguing rather absurdly that the election was “stolen” by Senator Davis. YCT has performed our own analysis of the precinct-by-precinct election results in Senate District 10 which is also attached to this email. Our analysis tells a very different story of Eppstein’s failure as a consultant in the race.  A review of the numbers shows that Romney won Senate District 10 with more than 54% of the vote.  In precinct after precinct, Romney supporters crossed over en masse to vote for Davis.  This, despite the fact that Senator Davis has an extremely liberal voting record that is out-of-touch with the conservative voters in Senate District 10.

Bryan Eppstein should not be allowed to continue to obfuscate on his failure as a general consultant on behalf of Representative Mark Shelton, a candidate YCT was proud to endorse in the Senate District 10 race. There have been no allegations of fraud or wrongdoing in the race. To say that the election was “stolen” or even to point the blame for the loss at heavily Democratic precincts in Senate District 10 is simply incorrect. It is misleading and it demonstrates a deep misunderstanding on the part of Bryan Eppstein of the basics of how elections are won and lost.

YCT has observed Bryan Eppstein for years.  We strongly believe that Eppstein’s reputation as this state’s foremost Republican political consultant is not well deserved. He consistently runs liberal candidates in Republican primaries and encourages them to run openly as liberals. When he does have conservative clients, he fails to defend their conservatism, and refuses to work with the conservative grassroots to support their election. Bryan Eppstein is a bad general consultant. More importantly though, he is no friend of the conservative movement in Texas.

YCT urges conservatives to seek representation elsewhere and to disassociate themselves from Bryan Eppstein as much as possible. Conservative voters should not waste their time, energy, or money supporting candidates who will have their chances of election diminished by a consultant who is completely out-of-touch with the conservative grassroots. Eppstein will continue to mismanage campaigns because he does not know how to appeal to Republican voters or effectively articulate foundational conservative ideas. Bryan Eppstein will continue to fail his clients. And if conservatives continue to associate with Bryan Eppstein, his failure will be our failure.

Precinct-by-precinct analysis

Eppstein Memo

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