House Hearing on Tax Relief and Appraisals

Blog / June 24, 2008

I attended this hearing today at the McAllen Convention Center which featured State Representatives John Otto, Kino Flores, Dan Gattis, Larry Taylor and many others.

In the audience was HD41 Candidate for State Representative Javier Villalobos.

The testimony was heated!  Taxpayers are concerned, and rightfully so, about being taxed out of the American Dream.


Representative Larry Taylor discussed how big government is big enough to take everything you have after a heart wrenching testimony en español hit a tender note with all the crowd.  A man testified about his opportunity to learn how to build homes and said he pretty much regretted all the progress he had made because the government taxed him out of his opportunity to succeed.

Just goes to show that the higher your taxes are, the less incentive you have of succeeding because the government takes the power of competition and goal of progress out of the free market.