Press Releases / October 26, 2010

Press Release
Contact: Doug Morris 214-770-6725
Larry Davis 903-346-2940

(Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010) The entire Paris Tea Party Patriots Executive Board submitted their resignation over the past week and individually endorsed Republican Erwin Cain for State Representative. This action comes as the founder of the organization, Janet Post, has embraced candidates diametrically opposed to the principles which the former organization was founded to support. This action effectively dissolves the entity and lays the groundwork to launch a new organization wholly focused on promoting conservative principles.

In submitting his resignation, Paris Tea Party Treasurer Larry Davis, stated: “This action was not taken lightly. Janet (founder of the PTP) was apparently working against the stated conservative philosophy which the Tea Party stands for and the rank and file members adhere to. Sadly, she stepped over the line when she stated in a radio advertisement that she was “the original founder of the Northeast Texas T.E.A Party” and endorsed a candidate who does not represent the principles on which the organization was founded. It should be made clear that she only represents herself with this action, and the resignation of the entire Board speaks volumes about her leadership.”

Davis continued, “I still remember the redistricting debates of 2003 when Mark Homer ran to Oklahoma to stand with his party and block the process. It wasted a great deal of Texas taxpayer monies. I promised myself I would work to remove them from office. I also find it curious that he recently looked us in the eye and stated he would support a voter ID bill. I did my own research and discovered he had in fact voted against the voter ID bill. We need a conservative we can trust, and that’s why I want to send Erwin Cain to Austin instead of sending Mark Homer back to Oklahoma.”

Also submitting their resignations were Paris Tea Party Executive Board members Judie and Pete Dalrymple, Tracy Davis, Doug Morris, and Angela Rhodes.

Former Board member and webmaster Angela Rhodes reaffirmed Davis’ position that Mrs. Post’s actions were made as a lone individual. “Janet Post’s actions do not represent the will of the group as a whole. The Tea Party movement is such a powerful and necessary force in the formation of today’s politics. It is unfortunate that its name is being used in a way that undermines the very principles it was founded to protect.”

Former Board Member Doug Morris said, “Recent developments, including revelations that our current State Representative had to have tax liens placed against him before he would pay his taxes, underscore why it is imperative that conservatives bring new representation to this district.”

Former Board member Judie Dalrymple noted that Erwin Cain was the only candidate in the race for State Representative that had received the “Tea Party Approved” status from the Texas Tea Party Alliance, an association of Tea Parties across the state. Mrs. Dalrymple stated, “Erwin Cain has a long history of actually aiding the Tea Party movement, having helped found the Tea Party in Hopkins County and being instrumental in supporting other Tea Parties in the area. Congressman Ralph Hall has even praised Erwin’s efforts, pointing out that Erwin has been a great help with Tea Party efforts.”

True Tea Party conservatives know that the liberal Obama agenda threatens Texas; yet Democrat Mark Homer has refused to become engaged in fighting back. It’s time to elect Erwin Cain, a man who will.

The former Executive Committee has begun the process to form a new 501(c)4 organization tentatively called the Lamar County T.E.A. Party with the purpose of promoting true conservative principles.

Signed: Larry Davis, Tracy Davis, Doug Morris, Pete Dalrymple, Judie Dalrymple, Angela Rhodes