David Dewhurst Plays Desperate Race Baiting Attack Ad Against Ted Cruz

Press Releases / May 24, 2012


May 24, 2012

Contact: Tony McDonald, Senior Vice Chairman
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Austin, TX — Today the David Dewhurst Campaign unveiled a race-baiting attack ad against fellow Senatorial candidate Ted Cruz, alleging that Cruz supports “amnesty.” The radio advertisement baselessly alleges that Cruz supports amnesty solely because he has been involved with two Hispanic civic organizations.

“The only reason the Dewhurst campaign is making this attack is because Ted Cruz spells his name with a “z,” said Tony McDonald, YCT Senior Vice Chairman. “The Dewhurst campaign is spending more than $2 Million over the next four days to try to convince Republican voters that no Hispanic candidate can ever oppose illegal immigration.”

The advertisement is a lie. Ted Cruz has always opposed amnesty and illegal immigration. He has called for tripling the size of our border patrol. He supports building a wall across our entire southern border. As Solicitor General, Ted Cruz defended US sovereignty when the world court demanded that an illegal immigrant in Houston be released from death row after brutally gang-raping and murdering a little girl. Cruz successfully defended the sovereignty of US courts before the Supreme Court and ensured that Texas was able to serve justice against the heinous crime.

The most recent race-baiting attack ad comes on the heels of a meteoric rise in the polls by Ted Cruz. In recent weeks, Cruz has received the endorsement of former presidential candidates Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum, as well as the endorsement of conservative radio host Sean Hannity.

“This most recent attack is particularly disgusting given David Dewhurst’s pathetic track record on illegal immigration,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “Dewhurst killed legislation that would have repealed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants by sending it to a committee chaired by liberal Democrat Judith Zaffirini. Last session, Dewhurst allowed state Senator Robert Duncan to kill a bill that would have finally ended sanctuary cities in Texas. Dewhurst has waffled on whether he would support a border wall and on what kind of defense he would propose. It is Dewhurst who is weak on illegal immigration, not Cruz.”

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