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University of North Texas Chapter

At the University of North Texas, YCT is the most prominent conservative group on campus; we lead the fight against the leftist agenda of students, administration, and professors.  Although the majority of the students here are liberal, there is a high number of students who are conservative but scared to admit it.  We provide a place for these students to express their conservative opinions and ideas without being shut down and called every word that ends with the suffix “ist”.  We do a lot of meaningful activism events on campus, in hopes of changing the minds of other students.  Events in the past have included a 9/11 flag memorial, communist breadline, free speech ball, affirmative action bake sale, and many more.  We also bring in speakers for meetings/special events.  On top of this, we believe it is important to have like-minded friends on campus, so we do social events such as movie nights, group dinners, and watch parties together.