Annual 9/11 Memorials

September 20, 2021
This weekend, 17 YCT chapters across the state planted 2,977 American flags on their campus to remember those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks 20 years ago. Each flag represents a life taken from us in the attacks. Many college students today were not even alive on September 11, 2001, so this memorial we do each year becomes increasingly important. We do this to honor those who sacrificed our lives during the attacks, and also to ensure we never forget

“Learning about 9/11 and hearing about the stories of this horrendous event have been incredibly impactful. The lives that were lost and destroyed that day will never be forgotten,” said Quincy Beaty, Member of YCT at Sam Houston State University

“This memorial means a lot to me personally since I’ve been to the locations of all of the crash sites — The Pentagon Memorial in DC, The Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania, and The World Trade Center Memorial in New York — and I’ve been moved by all three memorials. I hope what we are doing here on campus pays homage to those who lost their lives that day in a similar fashion to the memorials I’ve been so moved by in the past,” said Nate Dunning, Chairman of YCT at University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

“We also set aside 13 flags for the 13 fallen service members that were killed in Kubal on August 26. Never forget.” – Joshua Medeiros, Chairman of YCT at St. Edwards University

“We are forever grateful for the sacrifice of the first responders and mourn the loss of innocent civilians. We will never forget.” – Megan Harris, Chairman of YCT at Baylor University

Memorial set up by YCT at the University of North Texas
May the families of the 9/11 victims fine peace and healing.” – Cristian Cavazos, Chairman of YCT at Texas State University

Memorial set up by YCT at West Texas A&M University
“Today we remember the fallen citizens, firefighters, policemen, and EMTs. We thank all those who serve our country.” – Clay Grossman, Chairman of YCT at Texas Tech University

Memorial set up by YCT at Trinity University

“The 9/11 memorial is a long-standing YCT tradition. It’s special to see our chapter come together and recognize such a solemn day.” – Mikel Moore, Chairman of YCT at University of Houston

Memorial set up by YCT at UT Austin

Memorial set up by YCT at Austin College

Thank you to all of the YCT members who set up the memorials, and to the Leadership Institute for providing the resources for the memorials.