Action alert: concealed carry bill now sent to TX House

Blog / May 20, 2009

The concealed carry on campus bill, SB1164 has officially passed the Senate! The vote to suspend the rules was a whopping 30-0. The official vote ended up being 20-10.

It’s because of student support that the bill made it through the Senate, but now Texas students have a bigger task ahead of them – pushing the bill through the TX House. It hasn’t been a very conservative environment in the House this session, making your hard work even more important.
We need you all to call the House Public Safety Committee members and urge them to vote SB1164 out of committee. Next, call Calendar members and ask them to set the bill on the calendar quickly.
House Public Safety
Chair: Rep. Tommy Merritt  512 463-0750   Joint Author
Vice Chair: Rep. Stephen Frost 512 463-0692 Co-author
Rep. Lon Burnam 512 463-0740
Rep. Joe Driver 512 463-0574 Author
Rep. Phil King 512 463-0738 Co-author
Rep. Tryon D. Lewis 512 463-0546
Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway 512 463-0664
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez 512 463-0674
Rep. Hubert Vo 512 463-0568
House Calendars Committee
Brian McCall (chair)  512 463 0758  This is his Calendar’s office-  Call THIS number!
Eddie Lucio III  512 463 0606
Norma Chavez  512 463 0622
Garnet Coleman  512 463 0524
Byron Cook  512 463 0730
Brandon Creighton  512 463 0726
Charlie Geren  512 463 0610
Jim Keffer  512 463 0656
Lois Kolkhorse  512 463 0600
Edmund Kuempel  512 463 0602
Jim McReynolds  512 463 0490
Allan Ritter  512 463 0706
Burt Solomons 512 463 0478
Remind these members that this bill has passed the Senate and has a majority of the House as sponsors, therefore, they would do an injustice to their constituents if they did not at least give the bill a vote on the House floor.

Thanks for all of your help so far. Let’s keep up the momentum.