YCT Recaps 2016-2017 School Year!

Blog / May 25, 2017

Fellow Conservatives,

With another school year coming to an end, I wanted to shoot you a quick update on what Young Conservatives of Texas chapters have accomplished on chapters across the state.

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University of Texas Chapter
There’s a reason the UT Chapter won Chapter of the Year! This year was a busy one for the Longhorns, between tabling events, hosting various speakers and elected officials on campus, and spending time at the Capitol visiting with Legislators on our legislative priorities.

To highlight the innate issues with race-based admission policies, YCT-UT held an Affirmative Action Bake Sale, gaining national media coverage and dozens of new members! A few weeks later, the chapter hosted conservative political commentator, Ben Shapiro, bringing in 300 students!



Baylor University Chapter
Baylor YCT was very active this past year, hosting speakers, putting on events, and volunteering with local community service organizations. In the Fall, Baylor YCT hosted a panel discussing Campus Carry that was lead by McLennan Country Sheriff McNamara, District Attorney Reyna, and Baylor Alumni Zach Maxwell. This chapter also held an Affirmative Action Bake Sale, raising awareness about race-based admissions on campus.

During the Spring, Baylor YCT worked with Mission Waco and Baylor’s Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha in a service project where they ministered to the youth in the area. They also worked with Bears for Life to educate students on the truth about Planned Parenthood and their abortion services. Baylor YCT held a free speech ball event and had over 250 students come up and sign the ball in support of the First Amendment. In conjunction with Baylor College Republicans and Baylor Young Americans for Liberty, Baylor YCT organized meetings with campus officials and created pamphlets in opposition to a movement to make Baylor a sanctuary campus.

Texas State University Chapter
Our Texas State Chapter kept busy this year as well! Before the Presidential election, they handed out “Hillary Clinton’s Classified Emails” to poke fun of the former candidate’s private emails. In addition, they had a ‘Conservative Coming Out Day’ that coincided with National Coming Out Day to raise awareness of the backlash Conservatives get when we voice our opinion.

In the Spring, the Texas State Chapter had a ‘Why We Love America’ wall, encouraging students to write down what they love about America! They also helped campaign for the newly elected, CONSERVATIVE Student Body President and Vice-President!

Texas Tech University Chapter
This year, our Tech Chapter hosted the former senior editor of Breitbart News, Milo Yiannopoulos, drawing in a crowd of 250 students. Fired up about free speech, they also hosted an Affirmative Action Bake Sale and a 2nd Amendment Rally. Lastly, they hosted another speaker, former Libertarian Candidate for Colorado Senate, Lily Williams, to discuss the problems with Communism.


University of North Texas Chapter
Our newest chapter at UNT has spent all year working tirelessly to make a presence on campus. The YCT-UNT tabled on campus to recruit over 70 members in just 2 months! Between tabling weekly and hosting bi-monthly meetings, we are looking forward to seeing what this chapter can do for conservatives in North Texas!

For more photos and information regarding the individual chapters, I highly encourage you to visit our ‘Chapters’ tab to find each chapter’s Facebook page!

We look forward to spending the summer planning and preparing to hit the ground running in the fall! If you would like help support our efforts, please visit donate.yct.org!

With Liberty,

Caroline Chadwick
State Chairman
Young Conservatives of Texas

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