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University of Texas at Arlington Chapter

The UTA Chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas was founded by Ethan Holland in September of 2019. The potential for this chapter is enormous, as it is a member of the UT System, but also one of the few active conservative groups on campus. In just the two semesters they have been active they’ve helped campaigned for two campaigns, scheduled debates, participated in trainings at the Leadership Institute, and played a big role in the conservative movement on campus. The intentions of this chapter are to grow more and more each day, and spread the common sense that is conservatism. One of the chapters main points is to make politics an every day, non triggering, non nerdy topic. Politics plays a role in your daily life for the rest of your life, so why should it be a stressful or triggering topic, if anything at the UTA chapter we believe it should be a peace bringing and satisfying topic to talk about. Please feel free to contact our Chairman or any of our Vice Chairman about joining this chapter in continuing to establish its foundation.