Please take a moment to go vote! Early Voting continues until Friday, February 26th. Please check your local county elections office for hours and locations.

Below are the candidates YCT endorses for the Republican Primary Election.

President of the United States:
Senator Ted Cruz

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian

Justice, Supreme Court Pl. 3: Michael Massengale
Justice, Supreme Court Pl. 5: Rick Green
Justice, Supreme Court Pl. 9: Eva Guzman

14th Court of Appeals, Place 2: Bud Wiesedeppe
Justice of the Peace, Burnet County, Precinct 4: Judge Frank Reilly
Texas Senate:
SD 1: Bryan Hughes
Texas House:
HD 1: George Lavendar
HD 4: Rep. Stuart Spitzer
HD 5: Cole Hefner
HD 7: David Watts
HD 8: Thomas McNutt
HD 14: Jess Fields
HD 17: Brent Golemon
HD 18: Keith Strahan
HD 20: Terry Wilson
HD 33: John Keating
HD 47: Jay Wiley
HD 54: Larry Smith
HD 55: Rep. Molly White
HD 59: Brent Graves
HD 60: Mike Lang
HD 64: Read King
HD 71: Chris Carnohan
HD 73: Kyle Biedermann
HD 81: Joshua Crawford
HD 84: Jim Landtroop
HD 92: Rep. Jonathan Stickland
HD 94: Rep. Tony Tinderholt
HD 96: Rep. Bill Zedler
HD 99: Bo French
HD 106: Rep. Pat Fallon
HD 113: Jonathan Boos
HD 114: Dan Morenoff
HD 115 – Rep. Matt Rinaldi
HD 128: Briscoe Cain
HD 150: Valoree Swanson


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