Begin a New Chapter! Help organize the conservative movement at your campus!

The most successful victories in YCT history began with one person taking that first step to organize a chapter at their university.

Your campus will more than likely require a separate process to become an officially-recognized student organization (which gives you access to facilities, and other privileges).

YCT only requires a three-step process:

1. Contact our Director of Chapter Development.
Contact Jeramy Kitchen by e-mail ([email protected]) or phone call (281-615-6292). We’d like to hear what you’d like to see happen at your campus and how we can help accomplish those goals.

2. Gather a listing of at least 3-4 dues-paying members.
Start building a team of like-minded students at your campus who are willing to be new leaders of the conservative movement. The more, the better!

3. Attend one of our state board meetings.
These meetings take place throughout the year, with several times during any given semester. Here, you’ll meet our other chapters, have a chance to share experiences and ideas, and vote on important issues facing the organization.

Once you get started, we’ll guide you through the process of becoming a dominant force for reform at your campus!